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Gifted Grains

Welcome to Nadia's Brain Foods - Brain healthy foods for a better life!

Our delicious, brain healthy foods will super-charge your day; nourishing you for a better life! Gluten-free. Rich in omega 3's. No preservatives or additives. All natural and without dairy. Conveniently packaged for your on-the-go lifestyle. Shipped frozen in packs of 9.
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Oat Groat Benefits

Gifted Grains is purposefully made with whole oat groats instead of rolled oats for a reason! They deliver a specific performance because they are unprocessed and come straight from its hull. 

Learn the unique differences compared to the popularly consumed rolled oats, and how they benefit you.

How are oat groats different from rolled oats?

Walnuts - The Best of the Best Nuts for Brain Health

The special ingredient in Gifted Grains is walnuts, which are the best nut for your brain health!

Learn more about their nutritional component in this delicious brain healthy breakfast for your on-the-go lifestyle!

How are walnuts good for my brain?


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