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Nadia's Brain Foods -
All Natural Brain Power!

Among the Yugoslavian landscape, wrapped in green, lush orchards, 12 year old Nadia Mihajlov met her first love - cooking. After moving to America and becoming a mother of two gifted and creative children, Nadia incorporated her Serbian, nutrient rich ingredients into her American dishes with all natural brain power for her two boys. 

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 "I fell in love with creating healthy meal plans quite a few years ago after my two sons were born. Mika, 17, is the oldest who attends a gifted high school where his brain needs to be ready to go. Luka, 13, is the youngest who is filled with energy and a creative mind." Nadia illustrates. 

Inspired to make healthy food for memory, she stumbled upon the creation of Gifted Grains, and decided to establish Nadia’s Brain Foods, LLC. 

Gifted Grains is a Serbian inspired recipe that I converted to a brain boosting snack by replacing wheat with gluten-free oat groats; no additives or preservatives. This is perfect for your child’s pre-test morning brain booster, or your mid-day work snack for the health benefits that walnuts have on our brains."

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Oat groats have a strong mineral and fiber content that are loaded with vitamin b - which increases energy and brain function. Walnuts have been proven to increase cognitive performance in adults and even decrease brain aging effects. Both are foods with all natural brain power!

Parents, professionals and children love the grab-n-go, ready-to-eat brain enhancing snack that also serves as a quick, on-the-go breakfast. "As a busy mom, I understand morning routines are a struggle. I wanted to find something quick and easy for a morning routine solution" Nadia explains. 

Every spoonful satisfies your taste buds with the delicious taste and unique texture of being both chewy and crunchy. It's not like anything else on the market. Nadia's Brain Foods are the perfect choice for anyone on the go looking for substantial, quality nutrition, or for anyone looking for a boost towards their brain health!

* Nadia's Brain Foods, LLC is a proud sponsor of The Alzheimer's Association. 

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