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Cinnamon - 12 Pack

Nadia's Brain Foods, LLC.

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Our selection of delicious brain food for memory enhancement is made with whole grain oats and walnuts for high density, fulfilling nutrition! The Brain Breakfast is made in 3 different flavors. Our cinnamon flavor is rich with cinnamon spice, raw honey, agave and raisins with a texture that is crunchy and chewy at the same time. 

All natural ingredients:
Gluten-free oat groats, cinnamon spice, raw honey, agave, raisins and walnuts. 

* Gluten free!
* Rich in omega 3's. No preservatives. No additives. 
* All ingredients are natural and without dairy. 
* Perfect, on-the-go packaging for your busy lifestyle! 
(100% non-toxic/ BPA free containers.) 

Ships frozen. Eat cold. 
(Yes, you can refreeze!)
Consume 10 days after thawing.

Oat Groat Benefits

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Oat Groats -
Among the Best Foods for Energy!

Want to know the unique benefit of consuming whole oat groats instead of the more recognized, faster cooking rolled oats? Here it is... The full oat berry is one of the best foods for energy because they are minimally processed and take longer to digest - keeping you fuller longer!

With oat groats staying in their full form, your digestive enzymes have to work harder to break down the starches. This then extends the length of time for those starches to be broken down into carbohydrates, and in turn keeps you full and energized for a longer period of time. Now you can see why oat groats (which are also known as steel cut oats) are among the best foods for energy.

Oats, in general, have fabulous nutritional benefits that target the health of your skin, bones, cholesterol and nervous system. In addition, oats are amazing for your digestive health because of their beta-glucan content (aka soluble fiber.) This soluble fiber will help to lower the bad LDL cholesterol that will lead to stabilizing your blood sugar and better heart health. 

While the nutritional values are the same, the true, unique benefits of whole oat groats used in Gifted Grains vs the famous rolled oats are...

  • a lower glycemic index due to less processing
  • takes longer to digest; keeping you energized and feeling full longer
  • lowers risks of type 2 diabetes and heart disease
  • reduces blood sugar levels
  • aids in weight loss
  • a nice thick and chewy texture

 Packed with fiber, protein, vitamin B and loads of minerals, oat groats will energize your brain enabling you to accomplish everything on your to-do list - and keep your belly full for a longer period of time. 


To enjoy these benefits, you do have to cook oat groats for about an hour. The good news is... you don't have to worry about that with Gifted Grains, because the tedious cooking is done for you. All you have to do is open one up and enjoy all of these nutritious benefits by the flip of a top!



Walnut Benefits

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Walnuts are the best nut for your brain health! The reason why is due to their super high concentration of the Omega-3 fatty acid called DHA. Studies show Omega 3's exhibit neuroprotective properties that protect the brain against degenerative diseases and neurological disorders. 

What's even more interesting is there are other studies showing children having a higher intelligence due to their mother's increased intake of DHA during pregnancy. It is this knowledge that led Nadia to create foods for brain health for her two young boys in order to nourish them for their demanding, educational environment in their gifted school. 

Benefits of DHA found in walnuts:

  • a fundamental building block for the brain
  • crucial for brain health in both adults and infants
  • boosts mood
  • improves cognition
  • prevents cognitive decline caused by aging

To reap these benefits, you don't need much. One fourth of a cup of walnuts will deliver around 100% of the recommended Daily Value (DV) of DHA. 

Lucky for you, Gifted Grains provides a bountiful supply of walnuts mixed in with the gooey, chewy and delicious oat groats to give you a texture unique to any oatmeal experience on the market today. 

Walnuts also assist oat groats in keeping you fuller longer with their high protein and fiber content. So for a healthy brain snack, reach for Gifted Grains instead of a bag of chips. It will satisfy you, keep you full and protect your brain in the process!





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